General Information

1 Name of the Trade Electrician
2 N..C.O. Code No. 851.10, 851.30
3 Duration of Craftsmen Training 2 years
4 Duration of Appr. Training 3 years including Basic Training of two years
5 Entry qualification Passed in 10th Class Examination Under 10 + 2 system of Education with Science as one of the subject orits equivalent
6 Rebate of Ex-craftsmen Trainee 2 years for NTC (Electrician)
7 Ratio of Apprentice of Workers 1 : 7


1 Name of the Trade Electrician
2 CTS/ATS/Both: CTS & ATS both
3(a) Whether the action to constitute and convene the meetings of the Trade Committee has been taken by the CSTARI,Kolkata? Yes
(b) If no, reasons therefore Does not arise
4(a) In case, the revision is being considered in respect of atrade under CTS or ATS only, Whether a corresponding trades under ATS or CTS exists. Revised Both CTS & ATS
(b) If yes, whey the revision of corresponding trade under ATS or CTS is not being undertaken? Does not arise
5(a) Is/Are there any linkage(s) of the trade under CTS with other trades under ATS by way of rebate in period of apprenticeship training? No
(a) If yes, has the Trade Committee examined the continuation of such linkages? Does not arise
6(a) Is there any change proposed in the nomenclature of the Trade/period of training/entry qualification/rebate in period of apprenticeship training? No
(b) If yes, whether there is consistency in respect of these items between the course contents and the general information? Does not arise
(c) Whether approval of DGET has been taken for the above changes before circulating it to the members of NCVT/CAC? Does not arise
(d) Are the changes reflected correctly in the circular letter addressed to the Members of NCVT/CAC? Does not arise
(e) Are the changes being properly communicated by the CSTARI, Kolkata to The DGE&T (Hqrs) in the forwarding letter. Does not arise
7 Whether a copy of the forwarding letter from CSTARI, Kolkata to the DGE&T (Hqrs) along with syllabus has also been encored to the DDG(AT)/Director (AT)? Yes
8(a) Is there a need to issue gazette notification for amendment of Apprenticeship Rules? No
(b) If yes, whether coordinated action is being taken by the CD and AP Sections for simultaneous issue of administrative instructions and gazette notification? No


Power Plant
Installation, Running, Care and Maintenance of Plant equipment and machinery in a Power Generating Station.

Industrial Applications
Installation, Running, Operation, Care and maintenance of various Electrical installation –
Motor drives, Control panel, Hoist, Fork lift, Blower, Furnace, Welding, Illumination, Ventilation and other equipments – in an Industry.

Transmission Distribution
Laying & Erection/Installation of O/H line & under ground cables. Radial & ring main system. Location cable fault & repairing.

Installation, operation, care & maintenance of busbars, transformer, circuit brakers, Isolators, CT & PT, lighting Arrestors, earthing / grounding, meter connection, relaying & protection, testing, trouble shooting.

Sub Station Control Room
Operating of control room, it’s equipments. Reading of panel meter & filling log sheet, Operation of switchgear, circuit breaker, Isolator, Bus coupler etc. Use of PLCC other communication system. Preparing report, conversant with protection system. Different types of meter ( Kwh, KVRH etc.) and connections, meter fixing, meter & instrument testing. Monetary parameter of switchgear transformer & battery.

Voltage regulations & improvement of P.F

Switch gears & protection

Installations, Operation, care & maintenance of fuses, C.B, Protection system, Relays, Meters, CT / PT, grounding system.
Connection & upkeep of various meters and installation, fault finding.

Measurements of current voltage, power, P.F, frequency, Energy, , temperature flow, level , pressure, speed. Etc.
Use, care & maintenance of analog & digital instruments, strip chart recorder, data logging system, telemeter.

Process control automation
Use care & maintenance of various automations of control system equipment & accessories.
Domestic appliances
Constrictions, assembly, dis-assembly, repairing of different appliances.
Power Electronics
Identify, test different types of semi conductor devices ( diodes, Transistors, Thyristers, ICS ) making simple electronics circuit with above semi conductor devices. Soldering & desoldering practice. Maintenance and minor repair to Electronic control circuit. Setting of protective relays, MCB, ELCB, fuse, etc. Maintenance and minor repair to Electronic control circuits with Electronic Testing Instruments.